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Art Direction, Identity, Packaging, Print
branding, packaging, photoshoot
About This Project

Dava+Little wanted to position itself to a high end consumer who appreciates uniquely crafted cowls, fashionable enough for city living and functional enough for adventures in the city and beyond. Rendering the logo-as-signature deepens the impression of an authentically handmade piece. Labels were designed to be used for multiple sizes, with the ability for size to be circled at purchase point. Black, cream, and flecks of gold in the packaging are the signature colors and serve as elegant continuity for the adult cowls, which then is more neutral when packaging colorful knits for littles.


I created the logo, accessory label, packaging approach, art-directed photography for social media and online store, graphic design for social media ad designs, and wrote marketing copy. All photos © Inextinguishable.


about the company

Dava+Little produces beautiful and functional cowls using all natural fibers like 100% merino wool, silk and alpaca wool for adults and children.